Print/export report to pdf? Include graphical content in the report export?

Use case: Print/export Remedyforce report to pdf.  Ability to include graphical content in the report export?

Remedyforce/Salesforce reporting  gives no option ability to export to PDF. Also the graphical content is missing form exports when you export. References  on limitation
Ability to Print Reports to PDF – Ideas – Salesforce Success Community
Ability to export or print the report chart with the report – Ideas – Salesforce Success Community

While there is no way to do this presently however there is a simple workaround to get the reports and graphical content in PDF format.

Note: Please note that this not the best option but has worked to get the data in pdf formats and use as needed. Make sure that you have Adobe pdf viewer installed.

Here are the steps

  1. Go to Reports tab
  2. Run a Report which you will like to convert to pdf
  3. Right click on the  Report and select Print
  4. Here is an important step “Under Destination settings “ click change
  5. Select “Save as PDF”
  6. Save the report file to desired destination with correct name
  7. Now you can share or email or print with graphical content included.
    screen shots




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