Change Request from Service Request

How to create Change Request from Service Request with Approval.
User Case: Application change request is submitted from Self Service which requires say App Admin approval which creates a change request.

Primary steps is to create a service request, followed by approval.

Step 1:  Create Templates. This service request requires at least one Incident and 1 Request detail template and One Change request template

  1. Login as Remedyforce administrator
  2. Go to Administration > Configure Application > Templates
  3. Create 1 Incident Template say SR-INC-Application Change Request, populate queue, description and other required fields.
  4. Create 1 Request Detail say Name SR-Application Change Request , map Incident Templates as SR-INC-Application Change Request
  5. Create Change Request Template with required prepopulated fields like description, queue etc.

Step 2: Create Service Request form

  1. Login as Remedyforce administrator
  2. Go to Administration > Configure Application > Request Definition
  3. Give name , Service- Service offering (come from business service in CMDB), Pick category where this would be listed , select Incident Template, Service Request Template
  4.  Make it online , this will make it visible
  5. Check “Automatically Submit for Approval”
  6. Save
  7. Under fulfillment tab
  8. Add the Change Request Template which was created
  9. Save
  10. Add Questions and answers to form from “Inputs tab”
  11. Save the form
  12. If may like to pass information from service request form to change request which is being created mapping under fulfillment tab.
  13. Save the form

Step 3: Create approval process – we will cover detail approval process in another blog

  1. Create approval process.
  2. Most Important step to trigger task once Service request  is approved You need to have “Field Update” to check “Approved” check box to “ True”
  3. If you do not do this then no Change or any other templates would be invoked. Refer Service Request Approval blog for screenshots

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