Remedyforce Winter 17 My Top 10

  1. New Updated Interface:

Modern and Intuitive interface.  More readability


  1. Ability to customize columns on console

Staff could not customize columns. With Remedyforce winter 17 staff can customize columns on console view.


 3. Assign to me option

Now Staff can do this on click of button from Record or from Console selecting multiple records

  1. Remedyforce console shows highlighting like email

Agents could not identify new record easily


A record is not considered New if staff performs an action from the

  • Actions menu
  • Updates the Responded Date field
  • Changes the status of the record
  • of the record.
  • Note: any changes in the ownership of an incident will not affect the New Incident flag

 5.Remedyforce console forms new look

The look and feel of the Console forms are changed.


Key feature:

  • Assign to me button
  • Client full name instead of user name
  • Activity Feed
  • One click access to record details
  • Adding notes and email super easy
  • Ability to Edit records from
  • SamrtView option

 6.Smart view embedded on Forms making it super easy for staff to see and edit records.


  • Reduces number of clicks increasing staff productivity
  • Easily access related records, tasks, Change requests, Configuration items, notes , attachments all in one view
  • Quickly edit records
  • Ability to send emails

  7.Activity Feed


  • Easily send emails
  • Read notes
  • Add or read attachments
  1. Knowledge articles
  • New look and feel
  • Ability to embed videos from YouTube or Vemo or any such sites.
  1. Self-service 3.0

Self-service Beta becomes generally available. Supporting almost all features.New sleek design.



 10.SmartSync – BETA enhancements

With Winter 17 Templates and Request definition are added to the settings

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