Know Remedyforce Keyboard Shortcuts Save time!

Remedyforce is not just one of the best Helpdesk product but also designed to increase staff efficiency. There are number of shortcuts available. You can also enable alternate shortcuts

These shortcuts are applicable on Remedyforce console.

Action Shortcut Keys
Launch New Record CNTR + ALT +N
Save Current Record CNTR + ALT + S
Close Current Tab CNTR + ALT + W
Console Agent Tools CNTR + ALT + T
Console Action options CNTR + ALT + A
First tab of Console CNTR + ALT + 0
Launch Module List Views

(Dynamic shortcuts based on the sequence of modules)

Note- Does not work in Safari on Macintosh

CNTR + ALT + 1 to 9

Remedyforce Shortcuts.jpg

If you would like to use Letters instead of Number keys

Administrators can enable “Enable a different set of keyboard shortcuts in Remedyforce Console “from RF Administration > Application Settings

Remedyforce Shortcuts Letters.jpg

Hope this tutorial helps you to save some time!

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