Email from RF Console with Outlook add Signature and ability to paste picture

Challenge –

  • Staff can’t have signatures on emails action from console
  • I can’t paste pictures when I send email
  • We want easy way to send emails

Workaround –

In this tutorial we will add a new field on Incident Console form to give an option to Send email to client from the local mail Client.


  1. Login to Remedyforce Administrator
  2. Manage Objects > Incidents > Custom fields
  3. Add a new field of type hyperlink

Paste below code (copy in notepad and paste in formula)

HYPERLINK(“mailto:”+BMCServiceDesk__FKClient__r.Email + “?***Please REPLY ALL so a copy of your response is automatically entered into the ticketing system.%0D%0A%0D%0A%0D%0A&subject=%28Ref:IN%3A”+ Name +”%29%20” +Subject__c+ “%20″,BMCServiceDesk__FKClient__r.Email,”_parent”)

  1. Replace helpdesk address with actual helpdesk address (reply or create incident address )
  2. Save
  3. Add field to desired field set on console
  4. Test – no when staff click on the link it takes them to the outlook or local email. They can paste images or add signatures



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