Check list for changing primary administrator account of Remedyforce Salesforce on the org

Use Case: You may come in the situation where Salesforce org administrator account is changed or the user has to be switched to new admin or  deactivated.

You can simply rename the existing account (reuse by just changing email address so that you as a new admin can own this account). and use it however this will consume an additional license and will refer to this old name, if you would like to follow the standard process here is the checklist.

First thing you can do is before deactivating that admin user, change its email address to new admin user’s email address. Validate change and make sure you (one of new admin) has access to that account.

Note: Important part would be you do not lockout the system/loose all admin access to systemSo before depreciating make sure that at least one of the new admin has full access and they can login. 

Its strongly recommended to test this on Sandbox if you are not sure about other applications on org specially Salesforce CRM or any appexchange apps.

Considering system has only Remedyforce application. Some important places where you should check and update new admin in this process.

  1. Workflows > Settings > Default workflow user
  2. Email services > mail listener > Email address > context user
  3. Company information > Primary contact
  4. Pentaho package > if you are using LDAP integration and this is the account being used ( you will need new user name and security token as well and need to revalidate all places)
  5. Customer Portal > Settings >Administrator
  6. Setup > Customize > Leads > Web-to-Lead ( even if you are not using it , you may have to update this as the user account is going to change)
  7. Cases >Support settings  ( even if you are not using it , you may have to update this as the user account is going to change)
  8. If user is used in In an approval process, as approver/delegated approver
  9. If you have used this account for field updates like updating owner ( so check workflow filed updates) or assignment rules reference
  10. Check any special workflows /validation rules if you are refereeing this user

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