Customizing Incident Console form

Use case – as an administrator you have request to change the fields. Layout or order of the fields.

Remedyforce console gives staff a single tab to access records from different modules like Incidents, Service Requests, Tasks, Change Request, Releases. Every console from is made up of fieldsets which is section on the form with collection of fields. The fieldsets helps to organize forms.

Remedyforce Field sets.JPG

Here are the steps

  1. Login as Administrator to Remedyforce
  2. Go to Remedyforce Administration
  3. Manage Objects > Create and Edit Objects
  4. Note- If doing first time – Enable object access by creating a remotes site with URL Skip this step if you have already configured
  5. Select Object Incident in drop down
  6. Select Field Sets > Look for fieldsets which start with “Console – “
  7. Say you want to add existing field to client details section
  8. Edit – drag and drop the fields needed from field pallet at the top
  9. Save
  10. Go to Remedyforce console > Incident – open existing record Verify the changes.

Note: Here we are not adding new field set and we are just covering how to add exiting field.

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