Remedyforce Approval Reporting

Do you need pending approval reports? Here is how you can get a quick report for Remedyforce or even Salesforce modules.

Quick Steps:

  1. Login as Administrator (need ability to create report types)
  2. Go to Setup > Quick find > Report types
  3. Create a Report based on Process Instance and Process Instance node


  1. Save
  2. Go to Reports Tab look for Report type
  3. Create Report  columns Created by ,Status, Record Name, Process Name, Object Types
  4. Group  Object Type and Add any Other filters if needed.Pending Approvals.JPG

Hope this helps to get pending approvals noticed. Looking forward to any comments.


  1. Hi,

    I can’t seem to figure out how to create new report fields. Is it done on the same section as creating a new report type?

    Thank you very much.


    1. Are you referring to approval report or generic? You can add fields on object level. You cant add custom fields on approval report (example above) as this is managed object (hidden)



  2. This is great Kedar – I like the idea of gamifying this process a little and showing approvers a leaderboard of Average Time to Approve metrics – can you get historic reporting as well as the snapshot of current state?


    1. Very interesting. Let me find out. It does have data for records which went though approvals. The approver module does not support customization so I will explore. Always appreciate your feedback


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