Remedyforce Administration Tools

Remedyforce is built on platform. The platform is huge. After doing number of large and small Remedyforce implementations I realized that one of the common challenge by administrator is ability to efficiently manage Remedyforce Salesforce org (s) . In this blog I will talk about my favorite tools for Remedyforce administration and whole ecosystem. You may like to try few on Sandbox first to get comfortable. The tools are useful for admins. These are some of my favorites. These are free.

Name Usage How to get Highlighted features Audience
Datalaoder Insert/update ,delete, update, upsets Org Setup menu > Data Management.

More info


Easy to use

Drag and drop field mapping

Error logs


Remedyforce Administrator Easy Import/export and updates online just like data loader


Online tool no need to download Remedyforce /SF administrator Explorer Browse your database schema, custom objects and fields, and build and test SOQL queries. It can also generate a simple schema report.


Easy navigation of database schema Remedyforce /SF administrator IDE Great application for creating, modifying and deploying applications


Development made easy Remedyforce/SF administrators/Developers
Pentaho ETL /Integrations


Remedyforce Integrations/migrations Remedyforce /SF administrator
The Permissioner Assign Permission sets easily for large number of users


Ability to select based on profiles and bulk assignment Remedyforce Administrator
Salesforce1 app simulator Salesforce1 Simulator


Easy to demo Salesforce 1 features and training Remedyforce/Salesforce Administrators , trainers logins Tired of entering user names on sand box orgs or test orgs? Use this to quickly login


Manage multiple orgs for easy access Salesforce/Remedyforce Administrators/ Users
PermComparator Compare

Users, Profiles, and Permission Sets


Great comparison tool Remedyforce /Salesforce Administrator
Profile comparator Easily compare profile settings


Compares any 2 profiles quickly Remedyforce /SF administrator
Field Trip Analyze fields and usage for any objects. Track field usage easily Remedyforce /SF administrator
Notepad++ Code editor


Salesforce email templates Remedyforce /SF administrator

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